Landing/Lead Pages & Learning Management System Integration

  • This website is a work in progress.  The Sales/Lead page for the Quantum Leap signature course is what you see in the above slider.
  • The Knowing Your Own Client sales page is also finished, along with the Contact page.  I have also edited and spliced a number of client videos to create what you see on the home page above-the-fold.
  • To date, I have integrated a Learning Management System, using Lifter LMS.  I have created a Membership Area for two of the client’s courses to date.  The client’s original video quality was poor, so I am waiting for the next course to run in January before finalising this part of the project.
  • The images provided by the client were limited, so I have added a number of beautiful stock photos to add visual impact.
  • I have re-ordered and edited the content to increase impact and readability.  Much of the content has been decluttered and re-organised in a clean, open layout through the use of full width displays and panels to make the text easier to digest.
  • As with all our websites, those parts of the site that have been developed are responsive across the full range of devices and in both portrait and landscape viewports.  But don’t take our word for it – why not visit the site yourself?